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Little Accomplishments – 12/11/12

I didn’t accomplish much today.  By the time we were warm enough to get out of bed it was well into the morning.  By the time we finished breakfast, it was after 11:00 am. 

Since it was cold last night (low 20’s to upper teens), we had to check out the water lines in the camper.  They all seemed fine at first.  We have learned to leave the on board water pump turned off and to leave the cold water on in the sinks and showers.  That essentially drains the exposed lines, and allows for a little expansion if anything does freeze.  The lines to the bathroom actually froze after we tested them and that was around 11:00 am. 

I brought in a small container garden last night because I knew it was going to get really cold.  There are some turnips, carrots, and radishes in the container – all of which had just come up.  I really thought that I had probably waited a day too late to bring them in.  But they still look good today and even appear to have grown.  I guess that it is possible to grow some of your own food all year long.

My goal for the day was to install a new capacitor on one of the generators.  It runs, but it doesn’t produce electricity.  Turns out it wasn’t the capacitor.  Next step is to replace the diodes.  I have no idea what they look like or where they are, but I’m sure I can get it figured out.  Suggestions, anyone?

I also took some time to work on draining some water off of the driveway where water crosses it during wet weather.  And I also played with Boomer for a while.  Also I cut up some of the full size sticks of wood so that they will fit easily into our smaller wood stove.  Again, I can’t believe how easy that little old saw starts. 

Then we went over to the camper and I cooked an entire meal for two for $3.50.  We each had 3 helpings and there is more than enough for tomorrow.  While I cooked, Jen fed the dogs and I poured her a vodka.  We ran the furnace and watched some TV (while running the good generator) while we ate.  Our theory is that we get the camper good and warm and maybe the tanks won’t freeze.  We hope.  Now we are back in the cabin where we are nice and toasty.  Tomorrow is laundry day.  That’s always an experience.