Springfield Strange

We’ve been in Springfield for 5 months. It really is a strange place. It’s been an adventure.

First of all, my job has me interacting with some people with whom I would never voluntarily choose to interact. These people aren’t murderers or rapists (well, not that I know of). They are just criminally minded enough to keep them from getting an invitation to any dinner parties that I might decide to host. You see, there are normal people in Springfield, and there are those who are Springfield Normal.

Springfield Norml is a pro-marijuana group. Springfield Normal, as I call them, is a group of people who smoke and sell marijuana. Or at least that is what I imagine this particular group of people as doing. Hygiene is not as important to them as is wearing all their favorite brands. Stealing is an acceptable way of getting those brands. I have never seen so many men over the age of 30 dressing as though they were 18. I think that there is also a larger than normal population of exotic dancers living here. At this point, I should state for the record that I have no problem with people using, selling, buying, and/or growing marijuana as long as they don’t aggress upon me in the process.

Secondly, we lost a long term non-human member of our family. She had been with us since 1998 or so. She is already missed.

But perhaps the strangest thing is that we are now parents of a human baby. He’s just over a month old. Already he is developing a personality. We used to think that we wouldn’t be any good at this, but I think we’ve got a handle on it. It already seems like he has been with us all along. It’s simply amazing.

I have a million other things on my mind and could keep writing, but it has been a long day – a long day that started last night. The baby fussed all night. That caused his mother to fuss. That caused me to not sleep. That caused a long day at work.

I still have to walk and feed the dogs, so this may be another long night.