Cool Nights and Exciting Days

Lots of excitement on the homestead today. First of all, Boomer woke me up at 4 am and I had trouble getting back to sleep. It was cold! 55 degrees inside the cabin. Later, Jen found a large snake hanging around outside the chicken tractor. Chickens and dcks were ok. Snake meet Mr. .44 Magnum. No, seriously, he was just relocated. Then our neighbor came over to cut down some dead trees that were threatening the cabin. Two of them almost got the last laugh. I almost soiled myself when the first tree started tipping toward the cabin. Joe kept his cool and nudged it in the right direction with his tractor. The third tree looked unpredictable, but it went basically where it was supposed to after it was nudged as well. I wish I had thought to take some video of it. There is probably enough wood on the ground now to last us through most of the winter.
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