Our Trip to Harrison

We recently (about a month ago) we took our first trip to Harrison, AR.  The drive is only a little more than an hour, but in our year here we had never made it there.

The drive offered some gorgeous views of the mountains and valleys.  There were a couple of little towns along the way.  One little town had some rather eclectic gardens on both sides of the highway.

The first thing we noticed about Harrison was that the town has a very weird layout – almost haphazard – which made it hard for us to navigate.  We also noticed that Harrison is within a “wet” county.  I put “wet” in quotation marks because there are people in some parts of the country that have never heard the term “wet” or “dry” in regards to the people in a county voting to sell or not to sell alcoholic beverages.  In some places, people have never heard of not selling alcohol based on one’s geographic location.

Speaking of alcohol, I stopped at a rather upscale store that sold wine, beer, and liquor.  I have shopped at some very good stores of the kind throughout the southeastern states.  This store was almost as good as any of its kind that I have ever visited.  The selection was extremely wide and varied for its location and the population it serves.  While I have seen bigger selections, I’ve never seen such a good selection in a store its size.

Another thing we noticed was that Harrison has a lot of “Mom and Pop” type of businesses in addition to some of the larger chain businesses.  We like that.

There was a collection of younger type people who appeared to be homeless at a lake that appeared to be a city park.  We didn’t like that

We also noticed the Aldi supermarket.  I used to shop at one in Atlanta when I lived there.  Aldi is a great place for shopping if price is a concern but selection isn’t.  Bring your own bags – they don’t provide any.

We had to take a pit stop for the dogs to do their thing.  Jen had her hands full!


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