Homestead Day Trip

Here’s a piece that I procrastinated in publishing.  It was actually a month and a half ago:

I took my mom, niece, and nephew for a trip to the homestead today.  It was mom’s first visit since February.  It was also the first time that I ever had them all in a vehicle together with the dogs.  It was rather interesting.

It was also the first time that it reached 100 degrees around here this year.  The news reported 100 degrees in Clinton.  We went right through Clinton on our way to the homestead.  I felt every one of those 100 degrees.  Thank goodness for automobile air conditioners.

Boomer, in particular, really enjoyed the air conditioner.  Helo and Apollo rode in the back of the Explorer.  Boomer rode in the back seat with my niece and nephew.  He immediately realized that there was cool air coming out of the vents in the back of the armrests.  He immediately positioned himself to take advantage of said cool air.  He looked comical with his back end on the back seat, his front legs straddling the hump in the floorboard, and his nose stuck in the vent.

He didn’t stay in that position long.  He soon propped his chin on the armrest and let the air blow on his substantial neck.  I guess that felt pretty good.  He went to sleep about as quickly as he ever has.  As the trip progressed, his head would get all twisted up.  I was afraid that he would get a crick in his neck, and I can only guess how bad a crick in a neck the size of his would feel.  But he just slept and snored the trip away.  By the time we made it to the homestead, Boomer had rearranged himself into the most comfortable position he could find, which just happened to be in my 7 year old, 35 pound nephew’s lap.

We unloaded everybody and the dogs went into the doggie play pen.  After some sodas and chips on the front porch of the cabin, I took the family on a tour of the homestead, while the dogs stayed in the doggie play pen.  Mom seemed impressed with the cabin and garden.  The garden was larger than she thought it would be.  After the tour, my niece helped me water the container garden.  Then we loaded everyone back into the Explorer, including the dogs.

We had to stop at (gasp with horror) Walmart on the way back home.  I ran in while everyone stayed in the Explorer, with the engine and air conditioner running, of course.  When I returned, I was informed that Boomer decided that he wanted to sit where my niece was sitting.  She won, and Boomer returned to his original position with nose in vents.

On the way home, Boomer once again went to sleep in my nephew’s lap.  My nephew, securely fastened into his seat by seatbelt, fell asleep on Boomer.  I was able to get a picture to share.  It was quite the sight – a dog belonging to a breed which is defined by many as vicious, seeking comfort in the lap of a 7 year old half his size.


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