5 August, 2013 21:05

I thought that the night before last was rough. Last night was way worse.
First, Jennifer brought home 16 assorted baby fowl. They had to stay in the cabin as their new home is finished yet. We knew the dogs were going to go crazy, so we figured it would be a rough night.
When we pulled up in the driveway, just after dark, we could see Athena was out of the pen. At least she didn’t go very far. She went into the pen easy enough. A few modifications later and her escape route was toast.

Dogs and baby birds woke me up at 4 am. Couldn’t go back to sleep. Started reading about water catchment systems. Thought I heard Boomer shake his head, but something didn’t seem quite right. Went back to reading. Heard it again. Maybe a big moth? I knew that was just wishful thinking. I had a good idea as to what it really was. Flipped on the lights. Yes, we are off grid but we can just flip on the lights.

Just as I feared. A bat.
I low crawled out of the cabin in an attempt to lure the bat out the door with a flashlight. Once outside, Jen told me that it was stuck on a strip of non toxic fly paper. Good for us, bad for the bat.
With a pair of scissors, a pizza box, two sticks, ashes from the wood stove, and about twenty minutes of our time, the determined little bat removed himself from the fly tape. Just for clarification, we used the tools – the bat only used his (or her) mouth. The ashes worked their way in between the bat and the stickiness as it struggled.  With every move it made, the bat coated itself with ashes, making it impervious to the sticky fly paper.  We didn’t stick around to see if he was able to fly off, but from the way he was crawling off, I’m sure he was airborne as soon as he caught his breath.

We didn’t find a body this morning, so maybe he made it.

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